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Anything that doesn't fit in any other forum.

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Read this first!

Unread post by Gobberwart » Sat Dec 29, 2007 6:17 pm

This forum is for discussion of anything game-related that doesn't fit into any other forum category.

Feel free to discuss anything related to the game in here, but remember the following:

- Try to keep posts to the most appropriate category/forum
- Use search before you post
- Don't cross-post unnecessarily (and it's almost always unnecessary)
- If you're posting anything that might contain a spoiler, PLEASE try and be careful. If possible, include a warning in the post's title (eg. "The super secret thingy: WARNING - CONTAINS SPOILERS!") and use SPOILER tags like this:
This is something spoilery yay!
Trust me, people will thank you for it!

Most importantly, if you know a "secret" (by which I mean something that a member of the Dev Team has explicitly asked you not to reveal, or anything you've discovered on your own which it is likely the Dev Team does not want revealed) and you reveal it, the thread WILL be deleted, your forum account WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY be revoked, and your Paradox! user account WILL PROBABLY be disabled.