Enchanted Mood Ring

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Enchanted Mood Ring

Unread postby commandermack » Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:25 am

Enchanted Mood Ring

I'm not going to put this item together just yet, but I didn't wanna forget the idea, I know we aren't working on anything new in the coding department beyond getting beta up and working in that general direction while trying to keep the player base entertained while you do so, so consider this a sticky note of an idea.

Alright, so the basis behind this item is the Mood Ring and Captain Planet. You have the Elements that will deal elemental damage and also reduce damage received. So the overall idea here is that you have a ring, that changes abilities randomly at rollover every day. Now this seems like a coding nightmare, but you don't have to make each ring change each day, just each players rings change each day, so each player only has 1 TYPE a day. You could make it universal where the MOOD is based on GOBB'S Mood as well, which I'm guess most days would be RED or BLUE. lol.

This could be an item quest or just a combine item, or a random drop from some random Magic dude or dudette. Could also be LEI if you put more thought past just ELEMENTS into it.

Just an Idea, nothing more right now.

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