where is Ranger Smith????

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where is Ranger Smith????

Unread postby invisible » Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:21 pm

So I mentioned this to Gobb awhile back and he said i should post it so here it is....

we got bears we got picnic baskets but we got no Ranger.... so why not have a use for all those picnic baskets out there that no one uses there has to be some poor family that would like there lunch returned....

the rewards: every time you return X Baskets to the ranger you could get different rewards
I Have several simple ideas for this

a Projectile Device(shot gun) that gives you + item drop against bears... we all know they got more baskets hidden somewhere.... this would take a lot of baskets to obtain this item and i mean a lot

A special food item obtainable once a day and could start out cheap but scale during a run to cost more baskets... this food would be aimed at players that reset....

A buff that is simular to (MOM) that last for X turns and adding to the amount of turns uptained from food....

to a simple item that gives stats kinda like (blood bank and vampires in KOL)

just a few ideas but i think it fits the theme of the long woods


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