XMAS EVENT! 2014........the givening

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XMAS EVENT! 2014........the givening

Unread postby sallyfox » Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:14 pm

So many great things happening this month............ 8)

Lemme see, where to begin?? Oh yeah! Dates and happenings.............

Um........Dec 23 is the official EVENT date for the paradox xmas event. It shall be a long, drawn out affair (hopefully) :lol:

Soda (hopefully someone will share his load) is doing the music and radio prizes.............. Lordy and the boys will have a min price smorgasboard of treats ( a personal favourite)............there will be a healthy amount of festive spirit, so as usual,all attendee's will waddle off with bloated tummies and buldging pockets!! :D And not surprisingly, there will be a range of surprises that no one will predict........

Also..........Secret Santa returns, so keep an eye on the forums for his posting!! There are 2 competitions that will be announced very soon, and shall run thru dec.............One competition will be for a TORCH of INTOLERANCE.......... that alone should get people racing for their thinking caps! :P The other comp (that I know of) is for food, drink and moolah.......... yummy and free.....it doesnt get much better than that..........

Keep your eyes on the forums for these announcments and other "surprise" announcements that will come.........VERY soon! Please try and spread the word to all and sundry, cause as we know, the more, the merrier.........Join in and make a noise, cause I promise that this xmas month/event will certainly be something to shout about :shock:

More a lil later <3

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Re: XMAS EVENT! 2014........the givening

Unread postby Spiff » Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:24 am

Santa Claus is coming to town!!!
The Spiff

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Re: XMAS EVENT! 2014........the givening

Unread postby sallyfox » Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:51 pm

Indeedy Spiff!

And so is the event........soon!

Less announcements than expected, but the fun will still happen...........hope to see you all there!

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Re: XMAS EVENT! 2014........the givening

Unread postby LordCretin » Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:35 pm

(Lordy’s nephews run into the forums wearing their I-Heart-The-Fox aprons and strap-on bunny ears and dance the Jingle Bell Rock around their Auntie Sally)

Wee! Wee!
(both)Tanks Auntie Sally!
(Caoimhin) Ah sure now, ‘twill be a grand ting indeed. Sporty’s Iron Toque has done us proud, it has!
(Paulie) Anutter speshul event, yoo the bestest! I tinks we otta vote yoo an offishul Auntie for all a Paracites. Unca Cretin wood like t0 say sumpin forrus.

During the Yuletide event and in celebration of the dynamically continuing comical chronicles of Paradoxical Paraciticals, Caoimhin and Paulie would like to announce their biggest sale yet:

The 2014 Yuletide Holiday Hoedown at The Veggie Patch

The boys have worked themselves silly, to destroy my kitchen (muffled giggles in the background), er… I mean, cook up enough munchies to surprize and surpass Paradox’s biggest minimum-price sale yet. We’re decking out the front of The Veggie Patch shop like a barnyard. There will be picnic tables to sit at while you stuff your bellies and haystacks to flop in when you’ve over-indulged and need to snooze a l’il nappy-time to recover your composure.

We’ll have a Caller to lead the patter for the square dancing and free-roaming broncos a’ bucking, to Yee-Ha! all the would-be rodeo stars in you.

Free extra munchies are available to anyone who can show they’re a real cowboy/cowgal.

(A protester shakes a flaming placard that temporarily reads, Multi Shopping Risks Future Sales)

Wha?? That was weirdly. Anyways, I’m working on the day (but it will be a quiet nightshift – yay!), so I’ll open up The ‘Patch when I settle into my shift – be thinking around 8pm GMT.

So come on down, players, mods, devs and rodeo rascals, you are all welcome.

Be there and be square!

Gobba! Gobba! Hey! for Gobbaliciously Yuletide YumYumZ!

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