Updating DNS and mail servers

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Updating DNS and mail servers

Unread postby Gobberwart » Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:37 pm

Now that Paradox has been running fine on the new server for a few months, I've decided not to renew our account with HostV when it expires on November 20. To that end, I've had to make a few changes to our configuration which hopefully won't impact anyone, but it's possible.

Of most concern is the fact that our nameservers have had to change from hostv to a different location, and this can take a while to work 100% correctly. It's *possible* that paradoxthemusical.com might not be resolvable for some people for a greater or lesser amount of time - possibly up to three days. I really hope not, but there's a chance and I wanted to let you all know.

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