Downtown zone, and other animals

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Downtown zone, and other animals

Unread postby Gobberwart » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:56 pm

After several years (no really) of development, the Downtown zone has finally been released for your adventuring pleasure.

This zone, while very low level and currently not all that exciting for higher-level players, represents a crucial step in development, and will allow us to make some serious progress in terms of quests, classes and skills... which are coming soon. For now, go check it out and let us know how much you love and/or hate us for it.

In other news...

The various lifespark holopets have received a minor tweak to their... how can I put this... evacuations. Instead of a combined total of 5 per day, each pet now "drops" 3 per day.

Also, those who like to chat can now use the ubiquitous @ symbol to reference another player by name. Ooh, ahhh, I know, right? Big deal.

A couple of minor grammar issues have also been fixed around the place, along with a bunch of non-HTML-friendly characters that have been identified by various people.

I think that's it for the minute.

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